God’s Permissive Will

God’s permissive will is fundamentally found in the realization that even though God has a plan it does not mean He is the cause of everything that happens.  Some things He allows to happen. Some occurrences are man made others are demonic in their origin.  The ancient writer Job is quoted:

Job 1:12, “Then the LORD said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power, only do not put forth your hand on him.” So Satan departed from the presence of the LORD (NASU)”

Another aspect of His permissive will is found His patience with evildoers.  Some want immediate revenge whereas God waits in the hope that all would repent.  You know the immediate revenge you want when somebody does you wrong…Fortunately for us, “The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).”  One thing for certain is God’s perfect will supersedes His permissive will.  Another unique aspect of God’s will is that God can even use our sins to accomplish His purposes.

Is Jesus calling us to re-evaluate how we are spending our time, our lives and our careers?  Is Jesus challenging us to break down what we do for a living and what we do to serve God?  Is he crying out to us to use our time, talents and treasures for more than business building and wealth creation?  We certainly can serve God wherever we are but we must be diligent in our search to discover God’s will.

Discovering God’s Will

The million-dollar question is how God reveals His will.  Scriptures identify many commands and directives.  Scripture shows us right and wrong behaviors.  Scripture also discloses to us many unconventional ways that God reveals His will.  The bible lists numerous miraculous events…

  • The parting of the Red Sea
  • Gideon’s fleece
  • The raising of Lazurus from the dead
  • God often uses testimonies to glorify His will…
  • Bringing Hope to the single mom
  • Delivering a drug addict
  • Purifying a prostitute

Another delivery system of God’s will is visions and dreams.  Abraham, Joseph, and Peter all received a vision to clarify God’s will for their life.  Lastly, God may give direct revelation.  This is tricky for the simple reason that too many think they hear directly from God while never holding firm to biblical authority.  God’s method of operation consists of Him speaking directly to prophets who in turn gave the message to people.

God’s Will and Biblical Authority

Rev. Al Loma

Simply put, a person who indicates they are following God’s will must be under proper authority.  Questions like who are you submitted under, have you been discipled by a Pastor, and are you in right standing with a church body must have the appropriate answer.  If one suggest they understand God’s will but answer NO to the aforementioned questions, listen politely and walk away.

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39 Responses to God’s Permissive Will

  1. what it is says:

    well i was walking in it hit me on thee topic of the will of god, and is deep yes im a fan god,s permissive will in our life is like we go to church every week we pray to god sometimes read the bible sometimes repent,repent &repent u know god will forgive you but dont take it lightly like god has your back he do but he also permits things to happen so may be living on the grace that he permits you but is dangerous because if you are not strong your just going to fall off so its best that we are consistent in what we believe n do surrendering to god in our flesh which is a cost like pain its a sacrifice sometimes we dont understand or do but action making it happen trusting in the lord with all your heart and do not lean on own understading u know so we are in his perfect will when we are in complete obedience to him.

  2. Tammy Battle says:

    I desired to give thank you for this awesome read!!!

  3. gabriel says:

    As long as I been walking with God and that has not been very long many leaders have told me that I have a calling upon my life . That was very awkward to me but as I started to understand the word of God and what it meant then started to know that God did called me and chose me to serve him and my leaders that God put before me. He also delivered me drug addiction and gang violence that was a miracle from God himself and to share my testimony to others to give them hope and a purpose life in Christ Jesus.

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  5. Sam Otero says:

    The issue of Gods will is one that has been disputed for centuries due to the fact of mans attempt at understanding what can’t be explained in rational terms. One thing for certain is that Gods will always aligns with His word and to know His will one must first know God and have a personal relationship with Him and know His word. I would venture to say that the reason why people do not adhere to Godly leadership is because they do not want to be challenged to grow which means having to change the way they think, act, and believe about life. I’m reminded of a scripture found in Proverbs 27:17 which says, “As iron sharpens iron, so will one man sharpen another” NIV. It is clear that God will use people in our lives to develop us according to His word. The ultimate goal would be to act according to Gods design which can be found in Galations 5:22, 23 when He speaks of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. To act in this fashion means that our will must be consistent with Gods will and that is why God brings people our way to mold us to His perfect will.
    In Psychology it is the compulsion of man to find out how the mind works and how we respond to external circumstances. Their goal is to bring people into compliance to the norms of society and by doing that, we will gain understanding and the ability to evolve into a better, more perfect human being. Unfortunately, that rabbit hole causes people to have more questions than answers and makes the goal seem much farther. One of the biggest benefits to abiding by Gods will is that He gives us a source of identity that can not be shaken from a simple emotional state of being and produces in us a foundation in which we can grow. Our fullness is found in Christ and understanding can only be given by God.

  6. Julissa Perez says:

    In this blog, God’s Permissive Will, i think of that scripture in John 13:7 which reads that “Jesus replied, ‘You don’t understand now what i am doing, but someday you will’”. I love that scripture because at those times in my life i had no idea what was going on just in my life and even when i went to the UTC i was lost and that’s when God gave me that scripture. When i moved over here to Colorado i had no idea what i was doing here. Backslid -en, but having no idea what God was doing. i thank him cause even in my mistakes he used it to turn my life back to where it should be. sometime for those that are hard headed have to crash and burn to understand completely what God is really doing. i believe that God really lets things happen in your life so that you will learn.

  7. Vanessa O says:

    I honestly do not understand completely God’s will for me. He has never spoken to me directly about his will but has always granted me peace about the will I believe he has for my life. You had stated that, “Another delivery system of God’s will is visions and dreams.” I believe that God speaks to me through my dreams. I do not dream very often but when I do it always has a meaning for my life. All the dreams I have had have tied into each other and God has given me peace about them. There are dreams that I had back in 2007 that I am now seeing happen in my life. I may not believe that I am ready for everything that God has placed in my life but I know that it is his will, not mine. You had also said, “A person who indicates they are following God’s will must be under proper authority.” I am under my Pastor, Pastor’s wife, and Gang Girl Leader. I know they are in tune with God and that they are helping guide me. I learn from them and God uses them to speak into my life. Whether it is change, correction, or anything; God uses them in my life. God has given me an assurance that I am walking in his ways and the will he has for my life. It may be hard but I am grateful for everything I have been through and everything that is going to come to pass.

  8. Francene says:

    Proverbs 16:9 reads, “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”
    It is important to always evaluate our hearts to seek God’s guidance and direction. We must bind our minds to the mind of Christ and be influenced by the Holy Spirit in our thought patterns. When our minds are bound to Christs our hearts are filled with God’s desires, and our hands and feet are motivated into action to do the will of God.
    1 John 5:14-15 reads, ” This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us whatever we ask we know that we have what we asked of him.
    The enemy tries to bombard us with everything he can to feed our flesh, so we will become disoriented in knowing what Gods will is. This is why we are commaned by God to pray. Prayer filles thr Spirit, and places the flesh under the subjection and authority of Christ Jesus. Then we will know what to ask thr Lord for according to His will.

  9. This information really helped me, I am sharing with a few friends.

  10. Steve N. Hinojos fenuculum says:

    As I read this blog the following scripture comes to mind: In Hebrews 13:5 The author states, Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you (NIV).” Regardless what we do, or the choices we make God promises us that He will never leave us or for sake us. When commenting to these blogs, I try to apply these teachings to my own life. I know God is with me, even though I do doubt sometimes. I have to ask myself am I living in God’s will, and how much control do I really have in the choices I make in my life? I have been fortunate in that I have the opportunity and freedom to make multiple choices about the direction I should lead my life. Some had been good choices and yes many have been poor choices which I now regret, however regardless of the choice I am always learning how to improve my life and truly live a life worthy of one called to be a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  11. Anthony Loma says:

    Gods permissive will is one thing that I never understood as a young man. I have always heard about the will of God and also about his permissive and perfect will. When I think about all the tragic events that took place in this would I would often think about why God would let this happen. What I have learned is that despite what takes place in this world and in my personal life God ordain it and had a purpose for it. I may not know the answer but God does. Like Romans 8:28 says “That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good”.

  12. jose valenzuela says:

    thanks for this insightful blog, and for the so much information that is on there.
    You wrote about his permisive will and how things happen just like with life of Job.
    that was a good example of how God sometimes allow things to happen. As well for the man made errors that we make like King Saul who got strip of his kingship. I know for myself i had made alot of mistakes but thanks to God that i’m able to come back to his will and service.

  13. Ricarda says:

    I see why bibical authority is so important many christians follow their own dreams instead of God’s. When this happens there is no unity because everyone is to busy chasing their will instead of God’s. They choose to do the parts they want to do instead of the things they need to do. That’s why confirmation is so important, when there is confirmation you can then confirm God’s will. I see for my life that I want his will and that trust is one biggest keys to being in his will.

  14. Joella Romero says:

    I truly enjoyed reading about “God’s Permissive Will” and how God allows some things to happen, while other things are man-made, and still others are originated in a demonic realm. Equally enjoyable, and also something to be grateful for, is God’s patience, as opposed to “immediate revenge”. What the reader learns here is that unlike our desire to take immediate revenge in a given situation, God will wait in hope for repentance, and even use our sins to carry out His purposes. In regard to discovering God’s will, this blog lists scriptures, visions, dreams, and direct revelation as “God’s delivery system” – what He uses in order to reveal His will. In addition, Pastor Al writes, “We certainly can serve God wherever we are but we must be diligent in our search to discover God’s will”. As I continue on in my journey, the need for self-evaluation has become a very important part of my walk. Therefore, I must say for myself that Jesus is calling me to re-evaluate how I spend my time, my life and the career that I will pursue. Jesus is challenging me to break down what I do for a living and what I do to serve God. Jesus is crying out to me to use my time, talents and treasures for more than business building and wealth creation. As noted above, and for various reasons, re-evaluation of self has become a vital instrument for me. This entry has demonstrated to me how this tool can also be utilized in a diligent attempt to encounter God’s will for my life. Finally, I was once again given the opportunity to evaluate myself as I read and then answered the questions regarding God’s will and Biblical authority. Here the reader learns how being under the proper authority is an indication of whether or not one is following God’s will.

  15. Aaron Mesa says:

    The question I have is, “does God take what he allows to happen and work it into what he causes to happen? His permissive will used for his perfect will?” It’s like this, when we’ve surrendered our control to God we see his perfect will take place in our lives. When we are in control we see his permissive will happen, but God always sees his perfect will happen because he is always ultimately in control. God is not affected by what we do or don’t do. We are affected by what we do and don’t do. His perfect will will always be done, but we don’t see his perfect will done in our lives until we release control of our will. Whether he’s in control or he lets us think we’re in control, his purposes are ultimately accomlished because God always does what pleases him and God always does things that only give him the glory. I looked up the word permissive and it means to be tolerant or to give permission. God has a will and that will is perfect. Nothing can change God’s perfect will! We just really determine whether or not we will experience his perfect will based on how we use the permission he’s given us. God allows his will to be permissive because he’s patient with us. Once we go after his perfect will we will then see how God takes what he’s allowed to happen and what he’s causes to happen work together to fulfill his purpose for our lives. It kind of tells me that no matter what, God remains supreme ruler at all times which is one definition of the word sovereign! God is so much God that he has the power and the authority to work all things togeher for our good; to them that love him and have been called according to his purpose! No matter what, it’s always God and God bringing himself glory at all times! We are definitely the ones that miss out when we try to be in charge. We miss out on God’s perfect will and end up with his permissive will because we want to be the cause of things and what’s a trip is that he lets us, but the amazing thing is that God’s will is always ultimately done. We just may not get to be a part of it!

  16. Larry/Cindy says:

    Thank you Pastor.
    Concerning (God’s perfect will superceding His permissive will), Yes we agree. God wants to give us understanding of His will, whether we hear Him and His desires for our life, depends on whether we are listening to Him, seeking Him in prayer and through the Holy Spirit.
    We do need to be under authority of an overseer. We are all fallible. We really want to be in God’s will, and we need to be listening for God’s voice. 1 Samuel 3 relates Samuel hearing (as he thought, Eli). However, the voice was God’s, not Eli’s. The people had lost the sensitivity to hear the Lord in those days because of all the ungodly things Eli’s family had been doing. But Samuel could hear the voice of God. God reveals His will to each of us. We need to be listening for Him to speak to us, however He deems best in each one of our lives.

    In Romans 8:9 “For I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one to “go” and he goes, and that one “come” and he “comes.”

  17. Michael Chase says:

    It’s an awesome thing to know that God has a plan for us. I personally like having the assurance that I am included in God’s Will and I thank Him for His grace which is undoubtedly why we have His permissive will in the first place. The scripture “be anxious for nothing but pray about everything” is a scripture that I try to hold onto, because frustration and discouragement tend to try and creep in when seeking God’s perfect will. Sometimes we get too anxious in our pursuit and get ahead of God, or sometimes too sluggish and get behind God and because He is faithful, we end up defaulting into His permissive Will.
    We all desire God’s perfect Will because we know that God knows what is best for us; and that he reserves the best for those that wait on Him; but I don’t believe that we are always so, as you put it, “diligent in our search to discover God’s Will”. It is good to know that we have salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, but to recieve the greatest blessings, and a life and calling truly fulfilled depends on how much we want to surrender to His Lordship.
    It is important that we keep our minds and hearts open with a willing and surrendered spirit like Jeremiah; with a “send me I will go” type of attitude so that we can follow God as he reveals His Will for our lives. If anything we are still very blessed to even be apart of His permissive will, and that with God all things are not lost,m thank you Pastor for this blog.

  18. Alysha Loma says:

    “One thing for certain is God’s perfect will supersedes His permissive will.” This statement popped out to me. Wow, God’s perfect will does supersedes His permissive will. Sometimes we tend to think, “Oh this is God’s will for my life, God spoke to me!” However, it can be just us in our own thinking. I agree about God’s will in our life, is that are we submissive to our Pastor and Leader’s, are we in right standing with the church, or are we under proper authority? Thank God, we have a ministry (V.O.) who has structure, organization, and a vision! I know with no shadow of doubt that I am called to Victory Outreach. Even though, I go through times of given up and hard times just settling to another ministry, I know I am called to V.O. and I want God’s perfect will in life so I don’t throw in the towel. Then I think of souls, the people who are hurting and lost. We are called to them; God has us here to heal the sick! Either to reach, teach, or disciple them unto the Lord and our leaders.

  19. Denise says:

    Regarding you blog “Gods Permisive Will” is a reminder of how God has in the past shown me where i need to be and what i should be doing. i like the coment you made in the beginning, God’s permissive will is fundamentally found in the realization that even though God has a plan it does not mean He is the cause of everything that happens. Some things He allows to happen. Some occurrences are man made others are demonic in their origin. so to me the real question is, is how do we determine which one of these things is happpening to me at that moment something is taking place and i know that having a relationship with the father will help me to know is it him, is it man or something supernatural. once i determine which one is taking place i can deal with it the way Gods intended me to. thank you Pastor for your insight on God’s will it has helped me to understand where i should be.

  20. fernando says:

    Gods perfect will is a on going process as we strive each day to be open to our faults and correct them to enter a deeper relationship, so my eyes can be open to Gods Perfect will in my life. There are so many ways that we can be distracted in
    our walk to Gods perfect will in our life.I believe the number one thing that stops us to be in Gods perfect will is believing that there is a Permissive will.

  21. Greg says:

    Gods permissie will is just getting a quick taste of his goodness. I mean why would anyone want just a small piece when they are intitled to the whole thing? Gods perfect will is cutting edge, always exciting and challenging! His will keeps us on our toes! I believe many live in gods permissive will because they want to live how they want to kive for god. I want to live for god the way he desires for me to live, not by my own plans but by His!

  22. Yupin Valenzuela says:

    I agree with your statement “…even though God has a plan it does not mean He is the cause of everything that happens.” God has a plan for all of us and alot of times people will blame God for a lot of the “wrong paths” they choose to take. If only we can fully understand God’s perfect will and His permissive will then we will see that He also created us with the free will to decide. I have learned that we can follow many voices in our life, ours- the flesh, the enemy or the voice of God. In having a clear relationship with God we learn to want His perfect will and not settle for the permissive will. I can relate to the story of the widow and her son getting ready to eat their last meal but God came through and sent someone to help and she had the faith to believe the man of God for her circumstance. Being a single mom life was hard and it was my desire to get married and have someone but I had to understand God’s perfect will or His permissive will I didn’t and did things the wrong way and so I can also understand what you mean by God will use sin to fullfill His purpose. I needed to learn I wasn’t quite there in my trust in God I still had issues that needed to be worked out. But praise Him when I finally surrendered that to Him He was able to bless me with what He had for me. I wasn’t even looking and it happened. Waiting on His will can be hard but we have to be patient because He is in control and knows the right timing for things to unfold.

  23. The bible has many stories of people who cryied out to Jesus, “Jesus Help Me!” Matthew 15:22, Mark 10:48, Matthew 14:30. People who believe holler for Jesus. If and when we start sinking we should start seeking and hollering out,”What am I suppose to do!” or, “Lord what am I doing wrong?” In the before Jesus days I thought of myself as my worst enemy. My biggest down fall I would make some pretty bad decisions. I didn’t not have a standard for my life. Now I realize that everything I have is the Lord’s even my temple belongs to the Lord. He is Lord of my life. I must seek him ,I know truth, I am set free and I live to see another day I am so greatful. As I use my faith the Lord provides, he is unchanging, faithful, loyal and just and build ing us precept upon precept to have the same qualities.Wiggleworth said,”I’m not moved by what I see, I’m not moved by what I feel, I’m Moved only by what I believe, and I believe God The way to know is through obedience and sacriface Jesus was always teaching preaching AND HEALING. These miracles take faith and in order to continue the battle WE MUST HAVE FAITH that we are in the perfect will of God!

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  28. Parise Nealy says:

    God’s permissive will is where alot of christians find themselves until they seek truly the perfect place God wants them. I found myself stuck in life looking for my purpose in other things but God showed me in a dream when i was in jail facing a life sentence that i would bring souls to the narrow path. This is not your normal dream that you remember and it doesn’t mean nothing.But this dream felt more real then my own life and that happened five years ago and i still believe it today. God showed me His perfect will for my life because i spent my life wondering why am i here. The thing is now i have to pursue the dream that showed me my calling to be an evangelist.

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