The Timing of the Contrarian Leader All that has been mentioned so far rest on the concept of timing. The underlying basis for success occurs when the leader chooses to make the decision or allow a subordinate to decide, when to listen or when to stop listening, when to die on a hill or allow the battle to move on, and when to delegate or when to do it yourself. Imagine an orchestra with no metronome. With no device to indicate a given tempo by means of a regularly recurring aural or visual signal, even the most talented musicians would sound like clanging bells. The issue of timing is imbedded throughout the Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership forcing the reader to be timing sensitive. For exa


The Territory of the Contrarian Leader Although the idea of territory seems to bring pictures of cascading mountaintops or rushing rivers, negotiating personal internal territory is hazardous. All leaders should look at moral values and beliefs. To maintain the authority needed to show the way, the contrarian leader undertakes the expedition of the soul. The person whom takes responsibility codifies authority. This profound concept of responsibility though easy to discuss is difficult to obtain. Amazingly, how one develops and holds moral convictions is left to the individual. I am reminded and paraphrase the ancient bible story found in the book of Genesis Chapter 3, verses 1-13(Biblesoft,


A leader’s varied response is determined most by timing, territory, and temperament of a given situation. Timing speaks of the leader who understands that when one must act is just as important as how one must act. Territory addresses the leader who walks circumspectly, constantly aware of the surroundings while using any given territory to gain an advantage. Temperament attempts to describe the leader who gauges his followers and situations objectively with as little interference as possible in the ever shifting context of public and private, religious and secular organizations. Proficiency with timing, temperament, and territory in our quickly changing global economy gives a person benefic


Transition planning at the executive is much like what scripture calls "Disciple making”. Both involve a developmental relationship. This is where a Mentor invests and develops a willing and qualified apprentice. In ministry, the mentor not only matures as well, but also becomes a multiplying Christian. Several Thought Provoking Question: What do you possess that you can pass on? Do you know of any people who could benefit from your experience? In a church setting, although you are not perfect, would you commit to multiplying at least one spiritual discipline or quality in someone else? The Original Blueprint Jesus modeled for us a lifestyle of spiritual reproduction. His Hebrew based method


Making Disciples is a difficult order to follow. Nevertheless, this is exact mandate given to every Christian. Unfortunately, these instructions have lost their weight in the comfort of solid church attendance. Lowell D. Streiker (2000) is quoted as saying that the church today is raising a whole generation of mules. They know how to sweat and to work hard, but they do not know how to reproduce themselves. John the beloved reminds us of the orders Jesus gave us when he said, "If anyone is willing to do His will, he will know of the teaching, whether it is of God or whether I speak from Myself (John 7:17, NASU). Models of Discipleship The Greek model: The Greek model was teaching or the abil


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