As we proceed through the prince, let us venture to analyze Machiavelli through the eye glass of current and past context, process and style. The Context Machiavelli faced with the unique context of territorial control of the princes distills some leadership truths the fit well in today’s leadership contexts. Fundamentally, control of the republics and principalities were gained by force or hereditary of specific princes. The prince describes the acquisition of such kingdoms as gained by fortunes or by ability. Fortune is defined as a time when a circumstance if favorable is exploited for one’s own ends. Ability is defined as physical and mental capacity; personal qualities needed to obt


Those who lead must understand that every move made should be calculated, scrutinized, and evaluated. Machiavelli dissects his political landscape in order to inform his leader. The unexpected result is the wealth of leadership knowledge gifted to future generations. Many reviews testify to Machiavelli’s impact. Some say he was merely trying to regain his lost and once powerful position. Regardless of his apparent biases, The Prince has been called a manual on power politics; a guide for present and future political figures. Others give little credence to the books substance because of Machiavelli’s reputation. His assessments on leadership should not be blurred by the seemingly unethical me


Enable Others To Act To gain more power it must be given away. This principle holds true across much of nature. To gain an apple one must plant an apple seed. To gain a child one must give away a sperm. If one wants to gain friends, one must be friendly. One gains what one wants by what one plant or gives away. The ancient Hebrew writer, Moses, pens in Genesis Chapter 1 and verse 12 that the earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is in it self according to its kind (Biblesoft, 1995). Fundamentally, every object will produce after its kind. An orange seed will never give you an avocado. Power begets power (Loma, 2


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