Personal motivation while important does not guarantee that one can develop a growing leader. If one remains enthusiastic and encourages others, it will not necessarily grow leaders. While staying enthusiastic or encouraging others are outward actions and are good, there is something internal that a leader of people who wants to develop leadership must possess. A leader’s behavior must be influenced by some crucial inward beliefs. Some people have an easier time at embracing these inward beliefs than others. Those leaders who become the best at developing people are different in three areas:

  • Make the right assumptions about people

  • Ask the right questions about people.

  • Give the right assistance to people.

An assumption is an opinion that something is true. How one treats subordinates is largely determine by the assumptions made. Once we assume something about a person, we look for the thing we assumed. What I look for is what I find and influences my response. Therefore, negative assumptions about others will stimulate negative responses from me. Conversely, positive assumptions fuel positive responses.

Positive Assumptions that Stimulate Positive Leadership

  • Everyone wants to feel good about him or herself. This belief forces me to treat others as if I value them. People are my greatest asset.

  • Since people respond to encouragement, I become an encourager.Everyone needs and responds to encouragement.

  • People buy into their leader before they buy into their leader's ideas. If I expect people to follow me, I must be cognizant that I as the person could hinder the ideas I espouse. For this reason, I live a life worthy of their respect.

  • People have difficulty achieving success. Since success is difficult, I do what I can to help people towards their quest for success; I invest in others.

  • People are naturally motivated. Have you ever met a healthy child who did not want to learn? I do all I can to create an environment in which people are empowered.

  • People like to talk about themselves. If people like to talk, I ask questions that help me know them. As a result people sense that I care about them.

Assumptions can be negative, or positive. The route I choose makes all the difference.

You Choose How You Feel About People

Success in building relationships of influence over and integrity with people begins with how I value and commit to them. My attitude is the single best indicator of my value towards people. Secondly, where and with whom I spend my time best illustrates if I am committed to people.

We all can find a person in our past or present who does not or did not seem to get along with anyone, however for the most part we can choose whether a relationship will be successful or not. The only question left unanswered is, "What will you choose?"

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